Sponsorship provides a great means of broadening your competitive edge by improving your company's image, prestige and credibility through supporting events that your target market finds attractive.

Sponsorship of events can be especially effective as a marketing tool because it can be a means of accessing a wide range of audiences such as business leaders, government entities, and of course, customers. It can also be particularly beneficial for companies that take part in international trade, because it transcends cultural and language barriers.

Sponsoring an event is actually just advertising your company to the masses, who will support your products and services. Organizers acknowledge sponsors of an event by putting sponsor names on their posters. Sponsorship can be especially beneficial for new enterprises because of the exposure it affords. 

Additionally, sponsoring attracts global attention because our delegates are from all over the world and will be exposed to your company and logo, bringing international attention and recognition to your organization. 

Our conferences offer a wide range of sponsoring categories for branding and highlighting your company in order to achieve the best publicity.

Sponsoring categories:

Diamond Sponsorship
Platinum Sponsorship
Gold/Silver Sponsorship
Session Sponsorship

  • - Internet station
  • - Speaker gifts
  • - Volunteer Recognition Program
  • - Lanyards
  • - Transportation
  • - Conference tote bags
  • - Coffee break
  • - Keynote forum
  • - Welcome banquet

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