Speaking Opportunities

BIT is always eager to hear from senior level professionals who have interests in speaking at our events – a fantastic opportunity to engage in open dialogues, share knowledge and experience with a growing audience of scholars, publishers, marketers, agencies, journalists, investors, entrepreneurs and industry influencers, as well as in turn raise your own profile. If you or somebody else in your organization or company is interested in participating, please get in touch with our relevant department as soon as possible.

Why speak at a BIT’s event?

BIT conference programs are painstakingly designed and formulated a period of months before the opening of our conference, ensuring that the agendas are always as leading-edge as possible, covering only those popular topics that matter to the marketplace, and the speakers recommended to us are exclusive leaders in their field.

Speaking at one of our events presents a unique platform from which to showcase the expertise of a high-profile representative from your organization or company. At our events you’ll also meet other world-renowned speakers in your field and company executives in relevant industries with whom you can discuss the up-to-the-minute research breakthroughs and potential business opportunities through the cluster conferences, exhibitions, lectures, and etc. The extensive public exposure would increase your popularity, reputation, and academic influence.

How do we write our programs and invite speakers?

We work hard to ensure that our conference programs follow a well planned and logical structure and always address the most pertinent and strategic issues. Our thoroughly researched agendas aim to match the right speaker to the right topic. Our Conference Producers are responsible for writing the programs and securing senior-level speakers across all of our events, invite executives from key 'core' companies within the sector to present case studies or address a key issue affecting the industry.

If you are willing to learn more about the benefits of speaking, propose a speaker or presentation topic, we would be delighted to chat to you and discuss it further. Please contact Ms. Tracy Liu.
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