Seven Major Themes

Drug Discovery
BIT Life Sciences offers cutting-edge, industry-leading conferences and seminars in the areas of drug discovery, all phases of the drug development process, therapies, drug delivery and drug regulatory affairs. Events are designed to integrate a broad expanse of skills to explore drug development, spanning the entire process:  from drug discovery to the marketing of medicines. Our attendees come from biotech and pharmaceutical companies, professional organizations and academic institutions from all over the world.

Life Science R&D

A major objective of BIT Life Sciences is to facilitate and promote the cutting edge of life science technology by leading the market with quality, expert-driven conferences that provide attendees with the tools and opportunities they need to remain inspired and competitive within the life sciences market.  Our focus is current trends, technologies and business models. Key topics covered include p rotein, DNA and RNA, m olecular & c ell b iology, a ntibodies , genomics, genetics and microbiology.


A series of peer-reviewed conferences are organized by BIT Life Sciences to bring together experts at various forms of multi-party collaboration to leap the hurdles facing the biomedical industry. Our attendees include academic scholars, leading engineers and industry researchers. Hot topics of major importance to the bio medical engineering and bio medicine fields are emphasized. Programs are proposed by the chair/co-chairs of the next conference who are elected at the current event.  The general topics for each conference series are reviewed and mutually agreed upon between the partner organizations.

Marine Biotechnology
BIT Marine Biotechnology covers scientific and advanced technology relating to the world's oceans and seas. These conferences address opportunities for the global community to use marine biotechnology to address challenges such as algae and seaweed biomass, food and fuel security aquaculture, green growth, bioprospecting, human and environmental health, enzymes, marine biomaterials, marine models, pollution and bioremediation, economic benefit and environmental sustainability. Participants have an opportunity to contribute to discussions leading to the identification of areas which would benefit future work.

Environmental Biotechnology
These meetings are recognized as the premier international conferences in the rapidly growing field of e nvironmental b iotechnology. Their aim is to explore major advances, frontiers and applications in the modern era of knowledge-based bio- and green-economics . The programs feature a range of topics including e nvironmental b ioscience, e nvironmental b iotech for i ndustrial w aste , b iotech for m unicipal and c ountryside w aste m anagement, b iological t reatment p rocesses of p ollutants, m onitoring t oxins, c ase s tudies of p romising b io-products and b io-m ethodologies. T echnology transfer and education is a big component of the social hour .

BIT Bioenergy provides state-of-the-art energy programs devoted to the global bioenergy sector. The programs provide up-to-date overviews of the latest political, economic and technological developments and attract companies and individuals involved in bioenergy production and the operation of bioenergy projects. Our attendees include policy makers, R&D department officers, company CEOs, investors, equipment suppliers, bioenergy producers and managers. The conference streams cover the entire range of bioenergy issues: b ioenergy and the agro-industry, politics and environment, next-generation state-of-the-art technology , conversion technologies and market development.

Industrial Biotechnology

Bio conferences are home to not only many of the industrial biotechnology superstars, but also to many of the industry’s most promising start-ups. The challenges and opportunities enabling biotechnology, n anobiotechnology, m icrobioreactors, b iofilms, m icrobial p roduction of c hemicals and p harmaceuticals and other microbial biotechnology-related topics, are just a few of the areas covered.  These meetings are tailored for biochemists , biotechs, scientists, business development executives, financiers and anyone with an interest in biotechnology.
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