Professional Services

Our services
BIT provides information exchange and talent recruitment services for academic organizations and professional and commercial societies from major industrial sectors.

Our clients

  • Scientists, executives and professionals who are working in any field of science and technology
  • Institutions, universities, companies & other organizations in the field of science and technology
  • • Multinational corporations which have already entered or will soon enter the Chinese market.(delete period)

Brand Management

  • Brand marketing strategy plans
  • Brand localization analysis
  • Brand market research diagnosis and construction
  • Corporate image design and dissemination
  • Supervisory prestige management

Dissemination Management

  • Dissemination strategy research
  • News events plan and archives composition
  • Dissemination campaign operation
  • Marketing plan and management
  • Media public relations management

Social Activities Management

  • Meeting creation and execution
  • Conference launching
  • Donation ceremony arrangements
  • Public welfare activity support

Government Relations

  • Invite government officials to participate in marketing campaigns and meetings
  • Arrange meetings with government officials
  • Collect relevant information and obtain name lists from the appropriate government officials
  • Help to build coordinated government relations

Project Match-making

  • Provide investment opportunities
  • Work as a platform for promising projects to attract financial support
  • Build a network among entrepreneurs, capital providers and the local government
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