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March 23 - 28, 2012

Beijing China

BIT’s 5th Annual Protein and Peptide Conference (PepCon2012), BIT's 4th Annual World Congress of Biosoft-2012 (Biosoft2012), BIT's 4th Annual International Congress of Antibodies (ICA2012), and BIT's 4th Annual World Congress of Vaccine -2012 (WCV2012) were held in Beijing, China during March 23-28, 2012. More than 700 participants from over 33 countries attended the above four conferences, and as many as 62 exhibitors from home and abroad showed their products which had became a major attraction during the conferences.

April 25 - 28, 2012
Xi’an, China

BIT's 3rd World DNA and Genome Day (WDD-2012), 2nd Annual World Congress of Bioenergy (WCBE-2012), 1st Annual World Congress of Biodiversity (BioD-2012), 5th World Congress of Biotechnology (IBIO-2012), 3rd Inaugural Symposium on Enzymes & Biocatalysis (SEB-2012), 3rd Annual World Congress of Petromicrobiology (WCP-2012), and 3rd Annual World Congress of Well Stimulation and EOR (WSEOR-2012) were held in Xi'an, China between April 25 and 28, 2012. 10 Nobel Prize Winners, 120 participants, and 42 exhibitors attended these seven conferences. DuPont and Novozymes supported these conferences as our main sponsors. With the mission to initiate a sustainable platform for exchanging up-to-the-minute upstream and downstream achievements and research opportunities in bio-industries, participants from academia, industrial professionals and key-decision makers reported new achievements in their research and discussed and analyzed the development of the b io-industry as a community. These conferences have promoted the communication and collaboration among partners from all spectrums of b io-industry.

May 12 - 14, 2012
Beijing, China

BIT's 3rd Annual International Conference of Medichem-2012; (ICM2012) and 3rd Annual World Congress of Catalytic Asymmetric Synthesis (WCCAS2012) were held in Beijing, China between May 12 and 14, 2012, with more than 200 participants. Afterwords, BIT's 5th Annual World Cancer Congress-2012 (WCC2012), 2nd Annual World Congress of Molecular & Cell Biology (CMCB2012), and 3rd Annual World Congress of NeuroTalk-2012 (NeuroTalk2012) were held in Beijing with more than 500 participants. After the conferences, many participants expressed their satisfaction with the content of the congress and left with golden memories of Beijing.

June 15 - 17, 2012
Beijing, China
BIT's 2nd Annual World Congress of Endobolism (WCE2012), BIT's 1st Annual International Symposium of Hematology -2012 (AISH2012), and BIT's 1st Annual World Congress of Diabetes 2012 (WCD2012) were held in Beijing, China during June 15-17, 2012 with more than 500 participants. Depending on the warmly support and good suggestions from all of the participants, we are confident in organizing above conferences which would be better and more successful in next year.

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CHI’s Molecular Diagnostics meeting was everything that I had hoped for, and more! I attended to catch up on the field; I found so much more in terms of new contacts, technologies and ideas to follow up on. Excellent!”
Amanda M., Commercialization Manager, CENAMPS

"Thank you for your invitation and for the wonderful experience I had in Xi’an. Talking to you scientists and delivering message to your students were great. May you succeed in all your ambitious. Good Luck! "
-------Dan Shechtman, Professor, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel, The Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry 2011

"You have certainly put on a wonderful conference."
-------J. Robin Warren, The Nobel Prize Laureate in Physiology or Medicine 2005

"I enjoyed the conference greatly and applaud your efforts to sponsor these exchanges. I as sure that there meeting will promote the growth of science and technology in Xi’an and in China."
-------David J. Gross, Nobel Laureate in Physics 2004 Director of the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics (KITP) at the University of California at Santa Barbara, USA

"In my personal opinion your approach was good, the sections were assigned to different analytical methods and people were showing what is really interesting in their field of research."
-------Karol Jackowski, Professor, Warsaw University, Poland

"The conference was an excellent blending of informative presentations and networking opportunities"
-------Richard Altman, Alexion Pharmaceuticals, USA

“It was a good meeting I enjoyed particularly I have an opportunity to know you and your organization. As I told you that the meeting was well organized and I am impressed"
-------Shida Shen, Senior Scientist, PerkinElmer, Inc, USA

"I would like to thank you very much for organizing this conference, which was a real pleasure for me to attend. I just would like to confirm that I am more than willing to help you for the next Conference should this go ahead as well. I am pretty confident that we can set up another very good scientific program for next year and capture even more interest across the Chinese pharmaceutical industry."
-------Sven Stegemann, Director, Capsugel, Belgium

"Congratulations on a successful and rewarding conference. We met interesting collaborators and very much enjoyed your unique and fascinating city."
-------Duncan MacFarlane-- The University of Texas at Dallas, USA

"It was nice to be invited to such a large international conference. The food was decent, the venue was fine, and the talks were great!"
-------Melody Yi, University of California, Irvine, USA

"Thank you very much for this well organized congress. It was a pleasure to have been there, both as a speaker and as a listener. I have been to various international congresses in various countries, and I can say truly, that your congress and organization was done according to highest international standards."
-------Stephan de la Motte, Chief Medical Officer, Harrison Clinical Research Deutschland GmbH, Germany

"I really enjoyed the meeting. The facilities were great. I saw many good presentations and had the opportunity to meet many interesting people…"
-------Pat Wojtkiewicz, Headquarters Laboratory Director, North Louisiana Crime Laboratory, USA

"Thank you very much for the highly professional organized and very interesting conference. It was a great experience to come to Dalian and I learnt a lot! In case you are in Europe/ Germany, just give me a sign."
-------Steffen Preissler, Head, Department "Innovative Transfer Systems", Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Germany

"Thanks for a great job well done and congratulations for the whole organizational team. In principle, I will be interested to participate also next year with new experiences I made an observation to the deputy mayor of Dalian about the comparability of the problems and issues between the harbor cities of Rotterdam and Dalian. There is great interest here in The Netherlands to take up and develop the communication between the two cities and their harbor authorities."
-------Emile F.M. Elewaut, EU Coordinator, TNO-Energy, The Netherlands

"I would be interested in participating and being invited to be Chair of this section next year in 2012 and appreciated being asked to join the VIP Group"
------ Nicholas Wyman, Chief Executive Officer, WPC Group Limited, Australia

"Many thanks for your kind letter and I assure you and the Organizing Committee, that I was impressed about the large participation of Researchers and Industrial Groups at the event. For me the Summit has been a great opportunity to open mind, about the environment conservation, energy supply, and new agro energy technologies for the future of our world."
------Bruno Marangoni, Professor, University of Bologna, Italy

"Congratulations for the excellent Congress that you have organized in Dalian this week. I have enjoyed the Congress, very well organized, and with talks of very high quality."
------Victoria Laura Barrio Cagigal, Associate Professor, Faculty of Engineering- UPV/EHU, Spain

"For LCES-2011 conference was very useful. I could make very good discussions with many researchers and could get many useful suggestions. And the stay in Dalian was very good also. The welcome banquet was perfect (especially some shows were amazing for me) and the hotel you chosed for me was very comfortable. When the timing has come, please let us know."
------Harukuni Kameda, Technology Development Division, Technology Research Institute, Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd., Japan

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